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Helping Your Practice Navigate COVID-19 Economics

The COVID-19 public health crisis is multi-faceted for our members. While saving lives is the most important priority, the ability for your practice to remain open to help you continuing serve your patients is also vital. This page is dedicated to business practices that can help your health facility survive and thrive during this public health crisis.

MSDC Partners with DrFirst to Provide Telemedicine Help to Physicians

MSDC endorses the use of telemedicine and telemedicine services, in particular Backline by DrFirst. Check out Backline here and enter the association code MSDC when you sign up.

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Tips and Tricks for Introducing Telemedicine to Your Practice

Telemedicine and Coverage Regulations for Medicaid/Medicare Patients

Telemedicine and Coverage Regulations for Commercial and No Insurance Patients

Billing and Coding During COVID-19

Practice Management Resources for Practices

Tips and Tricks for Introducing Telemedicine to Your Practice

Updated April 2, 2020

  • MSDC partner ProAssurance has issued extensive guidance to its insured on things to think through during COVID-19 including telemedicine guidance, information on practice closure, and postponing elective procedures. Read their guidance here.

  • Learn more about the DC Health regulations for telemedicine during the COVID-19 emergency here.

  • The American Medical Association created a quick tips for telemedicine guide for physicians.

  • On March 25, the Department of Health Care Finance released a two page guide for using telemedicine in your practice.

  • Download and edit this sample telemedicine consent form when you set up appointments with your patients. 

  • Telemedicine and Coverage Regulations for Medicaid/Medicare Patients

    Updated April 2, 2020

  • CMS released major new changes in place under COVID-19. See here for the press release but changes include: massive expansion of telemedicine reimbursement, allowance of virtual check-ins for new patients, removal of frequency limitation on medicare telehealth, tele-supervision of providers, and MIPS changes.

  • On March 28, CMS announced an expansion of its accelerated/advanced payments for participating Medicare providers. Read the fact sheet here.

  • On March 22, CMS announced it is granting exceptions from reporting requirements and extensions for clinicians and providers participating in Medicare quality reporting programs with respect to upcoming measure reporting and data submissions for those programs. See more here.

  • DC Health Care Finance (D HCF) released guidance on reimbursement for telemedicine during COVID-19 on March 19. The guidance includes how to bill and code for audio-only appointments (see update here). Additional information can be found here.

  • On March 17, CMS issued new guidance nationally for Medicaid and Medicare patients being seen via telemedicine. You can read the initial release and updated guidance here.

  • CMS has also released a COVID-19 Partner Toolkit with links on information for various audiences.

  • On March 14, CMS issued waivers of the 3-Day Stay rule and Spell of Illness requirements during the public health emergency. Read more here.

  • CMS is recording all calls and webinars with providers outlining changes during COVID-19. You can access those recordings here.

  • Telemedicine and Coverage Regulations with Commercial and No Insurance Patients

    Updated March 30, 2020

    CareFirst sent a message last week to its contracted providers and patients about its expanded coverage during COVID-19. Read the details here.

  • Similarly Cigna has a listed of Q&A for providers and coding information for COVID-19 visits - see here.

  • UnitedHealthcare circulated updated coverage guidance for COVID-19 - see here.

  • The Drug Enforcement Agency announced last week it would be relaxing restrictions on certain types of prescription prescribing - read more here.

  • Billing and Coding During COVID-19

    Updated March 30, 2020

  • MSDC President Dr. Desiree Pineda created a diagnostic cheat sheet for COVID-19 - see here.

  • The American Medical Association has created a comprehensive coding guide for various COVID-19 related situations - see here.

  • The AMA has also created a flowchart for the various codes for COVID-19 testing - see here.

  • The AMA CPT panel approved new CPT codes and descriptions for COVID-19 testing. You can read the codes, descriptions, and background here.

  • The ACP has created a billing and coding toolkit for COVID-19 testing and treatment - see here.

  • MedChi (the Maryland Medical Society) has a helpful guide to telemedicine in The Old Line State - see here

Practice Management Resources During COVID-19

March 31, 2020

  • MSDC held a webinar with the G2Z Law Firm on business implications for physician practices during COVID-19. Here is a recording of that webinar.

  • Reza Ghafoorian, MD, JD, offer his firm's analysis on what employers - including practices - need to know about the new Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act - see it here.

  • The American Medical Association has published a summary of the CARES Act, signed into law by President Trump in late March.

  • On March 22, CMS released new reporting requirement relief for providers - read more here.

  • If you have a patient who has lost their insurance coverage during the economic downturn, DC Health Link offers an special enrollment period (for DC residents) to enroll in private health insurance. See more information here.