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Helping Your Practice Navigate COVID-19 Economics

The COVID-19 public health crisis is multi-faceted for our members. While saving lives is the most important priority, the ability for your practice to remain open to help you continuing serve your patients is also vital. This page is dedicated to business practices that can help your health facility survive and thrive during this public health crisis.



MSDC Partners with DrFirst to Provide Telemedicine Help to Physicians

MSDC endorses the use of telemedicine and telemedicine services, in particular Backline by DrFirst. Check out Backline here and enter the association code MSDC when you sign up.

Practice Management Toolkit

The Texas Medical Association has created a comprehensive kit to help physician practices survive during the COVID-19 outbreak. While some resources are specific to Texas (and can be supplemented with information below) much of it can be adopted to your local practice

Download the toolkit here

In addition, the Tennessee Medical Association is updating a list of financial resources and loans available to physician practices. You can view those resources here.

Click a link below to navigate to the information

Tips and Tricks for Introducing Telemedicine to Your Practice

Telemedicine and Coverage Regulations for Medicaid/Medicare Patients

Telemedicine and Coverage Regulations for Commercial and No Insurance Patients

Billing and Coding During COVID-19

Practice Management and Relief Resources for Physicians