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MSDC's New Tiered Membership

What is a tiered membership model?

In a traditional society membership model, you join and pay a certain rate, and receive the same benefits regardless of where you are in your career or your interests. For a physician, you would be the same type of member as an early career physician or someone close to retirement. You receive the same list of benefits, whether you want or need them, and you have the same voice.

In 2024, MSDC has decided that no longer works in DC medicine.

DC area physicians now have two tiers of membership to choose from to join the Society. Each has a different cost but each also has different benefits. Think of Hulu or Netflix - you can pay a base rate and receive access but if you pay a higher rate you receive enhanced benefits (in this example, better streaming and more devices).

How does the MSDC tier system work?

DC area physicians have two choices.

  • If you are interested in "being in the know" and receiving invitations to events, you can join as an Associate Member. The rate is lower, but the discounts and access are also lower.
  • If you want to be "in the know" but also actively involved in shaping the future of DC medicine - as well as getting into events at the lowest possible price - you want to be an Active Member. You pay more but you get much more.

Who is eligible to participate in this tiered system?

Physicians (MD or DO degree) who live or practice in DC, Maryland, or Virginia. This includes Resident and Fellows.

Explanation of tiered membership