Benefits of Membership

Why join? Because MSDC CARES!

MSDC understands the highs and lows of practicing medicine in the chaos of today's healthcare environment. That's why we offer member benefits designed to help your practice thrive, patients grow healthier, and you achieve the work-life balance you seek. Ambitious? Yes, but we have been that way since 1817.

Remember, the Medical Society of DC CARES about you and your practice.

  • Community
  • Advocacy
  • Real-time information
  • Events
  • Special assistance

New this year! Pick a membership plan that works for you and your needs. Below are benefits divided by Associate and Active members. Want to know the difference? See here.




Did you know you have free access to a wellness professional at your fingertips? MSDC's Healthy Physician Foundation provides consulting, resources and templates to address moral injury and burnout. Members receive two complimentary sessions with a life, career, or wellness coach or psychologist. Learn more here.

The Medical Society CARES about the DC physician community, and below you can see how. To see all of our member benefits, log-in to your account (you must be a member or subscriber to access) but anyone can see the below summary of benefits.


More than ever, physicians need a network of colleagues and friends. At MSDC, our members have access to in-person and virtual communities that allow you to expand beyond your office or health system network.

Meet the MSDC sections, created to connect physicians on specific topics.


In 2024, the Medical Society pushed through major prior authorization reform and stopped key scope of practice expansions. Our members knew about this before other physicians, as well as had the chance to identify what should be DC medicine's top priorities. 

See MSDC's advocacy successes and learn about our advocacy agenda.

Real time info

MSDC members receive regular and time sensitive practice information. Whether it's our every other week news email or in-time notifications, our members know what's going on in DC medicine before their peers.


No matter your preference, we have an event type for you. And members get the lowest rate.

See our event listing here.

Special assistance

It's a medical license renewal year - do you have someone who will contact DC Health on your behalf? Or what about the insurance company not returning your calls? Or maybe you just need to talk to someone to make sense of it all. MSDC members have all of this and more.


Details on MSDC member benefits


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