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MSDC Staff Contacts

Robert Hay, Jr., CAE     202-466-1800, ext. 101 
Executive Vice President

Pia Duryea      202-466-1800 x103
Director of Engagement

Rose Smith      202-466-1800 x104

MSDC's office is staffed between 8 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. All calls placed during this time to the general number will be returned within one business day if not sooner. 

Have a question, but don't know whom to call? Consult the following index of topics and contact the staff member whose name appears in parentheses.

Advocacy (Hay)

Accounts Payable and Receivables (Smith)

Address Changes (Hay)

Advertising (Sean Handerhan

AMA Delegation (Hay)

Annual Meeting (Duryea)

Applications for Membership (Hay)

Board of Directors (Hay)

Communications (Duryea)

Corporate Partner/ Vendor Relations (Sean Handerhan


Dues (Hay)

Events/Educational Opportunities (Duryea)

Executive Committee (Hay)

Finance Committee (Hay)

Healthy Physician Foundation (Hay)

Information, General (202-466-1800)

Legislation (Hay)

Malpractice Insurance (Hay)

Managed Care/Insurance Issues (Hay)

Media/Press Relations (Duryea)

Medicaid/Medicare  (Hay)    

Member Groups (Duryea)

Membership (Hay)

Capital Medicine/newsletters (Duryea

Nominating Committee (Hay)

Physician Health Committee/Physician Health Program (202-466-1800 x102 or

Professional Liability Insurance (Hay)

Sponsorship (Sean Handerhan)

Website (Hay)