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MSDC Staff Contacts


Robert Hay, Jr., CAE     202-466-1800, ext. 101 

Executive Vice President

Pia Duryea      202-466-1800 x103
Membership and Communications Director

Rose Smith      202-466-1800 x104



Have a question, but don't know whom to call? Consult the following index of topics and contact the staff member whose name appears in parentheses.


  • Advocacy (Hay)
  • Accounts Payable and Receivables (Smith)
  • Address Changes (Duryea)
  • Advertising (Sean Handerhan ) 
  • AMA Delegation (Hay)
  • Annual Meeting (Duryea)
  • Applications for Membership (Duryea)
  • Board of Directors (Hay)
  • Communications (Duryea)
  • Corporate Partner/ Vendor Relations (Sean Handerhan
  • DOCPAC (Hay)
  • Dues (Duryea)
  • Events/Educational Opportunities (Duryea)
  • Executive Committee (Hay)
  • Finance Committee (Hay)
  • Information, General (202-466-1800)
  • Legislation (Hay)
  • Malpractice Insurance (Hay)
  • Managed Care/Insurance Issues (Hay)
  • Media/Press Relations (Duryea)
  • Medical Society Alliance of DC (Hay)
  • Medical Society and Alliance Foundation (Hay)
  • Medicaid/Medicare  (Hay)    
  • Member Groups (Duryea)
  • Membership (Duryea)
  • eNewsline/newsletters (Duryea
  • Nominating Committee (Hay)
  • Physician Health Committee/Physician Health Program Carreras (202-466-1800 x102)
  • Professional Liability Insurance (Hay)
  • Sponsorship Sean Handerhan
  • Website (Duryea)