Physician Networking

Whether your interests lie in policy, strategic planning, philanthropy or networking, MSDC members have multiple opportunities to network, get involved with a wide variety of topics and groups, and help shape the future of the profession.

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Advocacy Committee
Political advocacy and issue development

MSDC's Advocacy Committee offers multiple opportunities to raise the physician voice on issues that impact you and your patients. Read about MSDC's political advocacy.

Early Career Physicians
Networking and professional development

Early career physicians have unique interests and needs.  This new section envisions a bright future for early career physicians and will host networking opportunities and programs to address topics unique to "bright young doctors".

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall have general supervision of the fiscal affairs of the Society.  It shall prepare budgets for the succeeding fiscal year and report at least quarterly thereon to the Board of Directors.  The Committee shall be responsible for having an audit made of the books of the Society from time to time and for examining the methods of internal accounting and reporting thereon to the Board of Directors with such recommendations as may be deemed necessary and desirable.  It shall, with prior authority of the Board of Directors, each year employ a certified public accountant to make an annual independent audit of the books and records of the Society and perform other duties as directed by the Board of Directors.

Gender Equity Task Force

The Gender Equity Task Force is focused on gender equity in medicine in DC, looking both within the Medical Society and externally throughout medicine in Washington, DC.  It will conduct a wide-spread gender equity survey in 2023 and also consider programming, initiatives, and resources for members and the medical community at large. Learn more.

Physician Health Committee

MSDC's Physician Health Program is a private, confidential, non-disciplinary program that works to advocate for the health and well-being of all physicians in the metropolitan Washington, DC, and to safeguard the public. It is overseen by a physician-led Physician Health Committee which is looking for dedicated volunteers. Learn more here.

Practice Manager
Networking and professional development

This is an opportunity for practice managers to connect with each other, and to get tips from experts who can help managers navigate the changes in physician practice.

Task Force on Family Violence

The Task Force on Family Violence is a multi-disciplinary, engaged group seeking volunteers including physicians, residents and medical students. The task force contributes to policy initiatives covering victim's services, critical health care problems, educational outreach across the city, as well as supporting and participating in local and national grant initiatives.

Wellbeing Committee

The MSDC Wellbeing Committee oversees the Healthy Physician Program, MSDC's wellbeing initiative. Learn more here.

Women in Medicine Section
Networking and professional development

This group is for women to expand their networks and discuss topics specific to women in medicine. Visit our WIM page for more information and keep an eye on your Events page for upcoming programs.


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