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MSDC is Your Voice and Your Champion

With more than 3,100+ members, the Medical Society is the primary physician champion, community builder, practice problem-solver, and money-saver for Washington area physicians like you.  

MSDC physician leaders and members champion the profession of medicine through active engagement the DC Council, the DC Departments of Health, Behavioral Health and Insurance, Securities and Banking, the DC Boards of Medicine and Pharmacy, and Novitas, the regional Medicare Administrative Contractor, and through service on public health commissions.


Nominate individuals and organizations for the 2023 MSDC Awards

Use the form below to nominate people or organizations for the 2023 MSDC awards.



2023 MSDC Awards Nomination Form

Thank you for your nomination for a 2023 MSDC Award. Please complete this form to nominate a person or entity for next year's award ceremony. You may nominate multiple people/entities, but we ask you complete this form for EACH nominee.

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Certificate of Meritorious Service: Presented to a physician MSDC member in recognition of distinguished service to the medical profession.

Dr. Charles H. Epps III Community Service Award: Presented to a physician MSDC member for outstanding public service to the community

Distinguished Service Award: Presented to a physician MSDC member for outstanding service to the Medical Society of DC

John Benjamin Nichols Award: Presented to a lay person, organization, or both, in recognition of outstanding contributions toward improving the health of the community.



Include full name and any credentials or degrees relevant to the nomination (MD/DO, for example)



Please explain why you are nominating this person and why they are a good candidate for the award you've indicated (or an award in general).



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