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MSDC joins the American Medical Association and the entire House of Medicine in recognizing the epidemic of burnout in healthcare professionals. In particular, MSDC remains dedicated to providing resources and support to District physicians in their struggle against burnout. For decades, MSDC has provided support and advocacy for those physicians battling addiction. MSDC has officially launched  our new Wellbeing Program as part of the The Healthy Physician Foundation to advance physician wellness.

Healthy Physician Foundation logoWhat is the Wellbeing Program?

The Wellbeing Program, part of the Healthy Physician Foundation, is MSDC's comprehensive physician wellness program that provides resources and templates to address moral injury and burnout. MSDC recognizes that burnout manifests in many forms, and it aims to create a program with a wide range of resources including coaching, counselling, networking, and best practice templates. The program is open to all physicians and is supported by physician organizations, foundations, and health systems.

What kind of resources will the Wellbeing Program provide?

Over time, the program will include the following components: physician coaching (now available), counselling services (now available), networking events (now available), like-minded groups (now available), best practice templates for practices, and model policies.

What kind of wellness professionals does MSDC offer?

MSDC offers access to certified coaches and a licensed psychologist. In the years to come, MSDC will expand its wellness roster to more types of wellness professionals. Comparison of Helping Professions.

What kinds of services do MSDC wellness professionals offer?

MSDC's wellness professionals can address professional needs (leadership development, career coaching, workplace concerns, burnout) and professional needs (relationship discussions, identity concerns, work-life balance).

If I speak with one of the wellness professionals as part of the program, do I need to report it to the Board of Medicine?

No, the program is not a medical treatment or medical diagnosis program. The program offers wellbeing and therapeutic services that do not need to be reported to the Board.

Does the Wellbeing Program help physicians with addictions?

MSDC recommends physicians with addiction concerns contact the MSDC Physician Health Program.

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One of the best ways to rediscover your love of medicine is to reconnect with your colleagues. MSDC sections and communities are a great way to do that. Whether it is with Women in Medicine, Early Career Physicians, or a Washington Healthcare on Wednesdays webinar, we have opportunities for you to connect with your colleagues.

Learn more on our Events page, or check out WIM and ECP.

Lifecycle for Retirement Readiness session

Imposter Syndrome in Medicine session

Parenting During The Pandemic session


MSDC is offering members an opportunity to speak with a wellness professional to help address professional or personal issues driving burnout. Our list of professionals (seen here) span different specialties, experiences, and background. Speak with the ones that fit your needs, arrange an introductory appointment, and if they can assist you then MSDC will cover your initial visits.

Meet our wellness professionals here.


MSDC educates the public and policy makers on the disastrous impact burnout and moral injury has on the District. Every day we share why physician health is important to public health. Join us and tell your story to key policy makers, to ensure we continue to move the District to become the best place to practice medicine.

DC Healthy Physicians Committee Members 

J. Desiree PinedaMSDC Immediate Past President
Kaylan BabanGeorge Washington University Hospital
David BowmanHoward University Hospital
Laurie DuncanMSDC Executive Committee // Physician Health Program
Daniel MarchalikMedStar Health
Felicea PatelMid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group
Laura SanderSibley Memorial Hospital
Theresa StoneMedStar Health
Dock WinstonMid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group


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Support Your Colleagues

Do you want to help support your fellow physicians going through their own struggles with wellbeing? The Healthy Physician Foundation exists to support MSDC's wellbeing and addiction programs. Your generous gift allows MSDC to continue supporting those physicians in most need.

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    Summer Spa Social

    July 19, 2022 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

    Nothing says summer like a relaxing spa treatment, socializing, refreshments, and a trip to the pool. DC's hard-working women physicians and practice managers are invited to a wellbeing event at VIDA Fitness’s Aura Spa.
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