MSDC Announces Advocacy "Curriculum" for DC Physicians

Jan 6, 2021, 08:56 AM by MSDC Staff
MSDC will have new ways for physicians to build their advocacy skills and advocate for their top issues in 2021 (and beyond).

The year 2020 saw increased participation by physicians in advocacy, leading to a number of important advocacy victories. To build on this energy, MSDC is announcing today an advocacy "curriculum" for DC physicians to help engage the community in common advocacy efforts.

This "curriculum" is not a traditional educational series of courses, but practical resources to give physicians the tools and ability to speak out on issues important to the practice of medicine. By participating in events and initiatives throughout the year, DC physicians can equip themselves to be effective advocates for themselves and their patients.

The new advocacy curriculum will launch January 13 with an MSDC WHOW webinar with new Councilmember Christina Henderson. After the Councilmember's presentation and Q&A, MSDC leadership will hold a 30 minute open forum for MSDC members. Members can ask advocacy questions of the leadership, bring up issues they'd like MSDC to advocate for or against in 2021, and learn about upcoming opportunities to get involved. 

The advocacy curriculum will include the following opportunities for physicians to sharpen their advocacy skills:

  • Monthly advocacy-specific events as part of MSDC's Washington Healthcare on Wednesday (WHOW)
  • Open Advocacy Committee meetings to allow MSDC members to hear issues being discussed and contribute opinions on specific issues under discussion by the committee
  • Monthly "advocacy advice" posts on the MSDC website
  • Videos of MSDC members testifying to show how you can testify before the Council (coming soon)
  • A new webpage/resource page on best practices on testifying before Congress and the Council (coming soon)
  • More targeted messages and emails on specific issues as they arise throughout the year
  • And more

Anyone interested in becoming involved in MSDC's advocacy efforts and contributing can sign up on our website or contact Robert Hay Jr. You can also check MSDC's advocacy agenda for this Council period and past successes in the previous two years.

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