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MSDC Announces 23rd Council Period Report Card December 29, 2020

Written by MSDC Staff

Advocacy Report Card for 2019 2020

As MSDC prepares for 2021 and a new Council period, the Society is pleased to share a "report card" on its advocacy activities for the 23rd District Council period (2019-2020).

The two-year period that just ended saw a surge of physician advocacy on important medical issues. COVID-related advocacy dominated the second half of the session, but numerous issues saw physicians testifying and MSDC staff working with lawmakers to protect practices and patients. The past Council session also saw MSDC's new issue priority ranking, policy agenda, and advocacy website.

In addition to encouraging physicians to testify directly to lawmakers, MSDC partnered with other healthcare associations and entities to pass legislation to make the District the best place to practice medicine. 

You can see a brief summary of the advocacy report card here and the full report card here, but some areas of success of the physician community include:

  • Permitting reimbursement for audio-only telemedicine
  • Allowing for patients to receive FDA approved biosimilar drugs
  • Prohibiting retribution from employers for physicians practicing reproductive health medicine
  • Expanding insurance coverage requirements for newborns, parents, and pregnant women
  • Limiting out-of-pocket costs of insulin for patients
  • Defeating three different content-specific CME requirements

In addition to working on issue-specific legislation, MSDC members and leaders testified on the following issues:

  • Protecting independent practices in underserved medical areas
  • Providing support for independent physician practices during COVID-19
  • Promoting physician wellbeing and addiction programs, and not unduly punishing physicians suffering from burnout or addiction

In 2021, MSDC will unveil an expanded, engaging advocacy program that will assist physicians in advocating on issues important to them, as well as equipping them to speak out on these issues. Keep an eye on our website for more information.