Your Co-Chairs Invite You to Council Visit Day June 9, 2024

Written by MSDC Staff


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Date: June 17 (Monday)

Time: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Location: Virtual and In-person depending on the Council meeting

Dear Colleagues:

One of the best things we can do to help our patients is educate policymakers on what we do.

MSDC makes it easy to connect us and the Council to educate them on our issues at our annual Council Visit Day.

If you are familiar with "fly-ins" or "physicians in the capital days", you know what Council Visit Day is - a chance to meet in person with lawmakers and their staff. We've set aside one day (June 17) and are doing all the scheduling to give you as many chances to meet with Councilmembers as possible.

Do you need to take a day off to participate? Not at all.

  • Meetings are scheduled throughout the day between 9:00 and 4:30
  • Meetings are BOTH virtual and in-person to accommodate your schedule
  • MSDC staff arranges the meetings and sends you the options
  • MSDC also gives you details and talking points.

You register for the event, check the list of meetings, sign up for what you can attend, and show up at the time and place (online or in the Wilson Building).

These meetings are critical. Did you know we first learned the details of the HORA revision bill at last year's Council Visit Day? Your meeting could be the one that changes a law or bill for the better, making your professional life easier.

This event is open to DC physicians and medical students.

It's an election year and many of us are passionate about policy issues. But here's a secret - it is quicker and easier to make an impactful change at the local DC level than the federal DC level. We have a lot of examples the past few years.

Join us in-person or virtually at the Council building June 17 and advocate for the change you want to see in medicine.

Dr. Anita Mikkilineni
Dr. Klint Peebles
Event Co-Chairs

PS See the issues below we will be discussing

Why the Council should reject a mandatory CME bill on violence

Why the Council should adopt "gold card" standards for prior auth

Why the Council should pass a resolution expressing support for Medicare payment reform