MSDC's Healthy Physician Foundation Launches New Website

Jul 14, 2022, 16:10 PM by Healthy Physician Foundation staff
The new website provides easy to access resources for DC area physicians to combat moral injury and burnout.


The Medical Society's Healthy Physician Foundation is today announcing its new website The site will serve as a one-stop content source for wellness resources for DC area physicians and their practices.

The Healthy Physician Foundation is an affiliated 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to addressing and preventing moral injury in the physician population, with a specific focus in the DC area. This organization exists to provide programs, resources, and community to a profession overwhelmed and overburdened by stress. The Foundation manages two critical programs - MSDC's wellness program and the Physician Health Program for physicians dealing with addiction.

The site and Foundation have a separate brand, color scheme, and look from MSDC's. This was done purposefully as the services and information provided are independent of the Medical Society - you do not need to be a member to use the site or many of its resources. Some of the services (such as coaching) are free for MSDC members, but the Foundation exists for all physicians regardless of membership.

"The new website is further proof of the dedication of the Medical Society to wellbeing," said Foundation Board of Trustees Chair and MSDC President-Elect Dr. Susanne Bathgate. "We want physicians to feel comfortable coming to the Foundation to find resources of all types to help with the stress they face every day. Our Foundation addresses personal and systemic sources of moral injury and burnout, and those resources will grow in the years to come."

The Healthy Physician Foundation offers numerous resources to physicians, including:

  • Coaching and counselling sessions for physicians (free to Active MSDC members)
  • The Healthy Physician App which puts these resources on your phone in app form
  • News on the latest wellness trends
  • Events of all types to help with your mental, physical, and career wellness
  • Guidance and professional monitoring planning for physicians dealing with addiction

In the near future, the Foundation will also offer:

  • Scholarships for physicians who will train as peer coaches
  • A speakers' bureau to connect physician experts with audiences on wellness topics
  • Local wellness resources from partners and health systems
  • And more

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The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization which means individual donors may be eligible for a tax deduction on donations made to the HPF. For more information and to donate to the Foundation, visit our website.