MSDC Board Member Matthew Lecuyer Named Chair of AMA YPS

Jul 6, 2021, 09:08 AM by MSDC Staff
Dr. Lecuyer's election adds his name to the list of MSDC members who have taken leadership positions within the AMA.

At the June American Medical Association meeting, MSDC Board member and Alternate Delegate Matthew Lecuyer, MD, MPH was elected Chair of the Young Physicians Section (YPS).

The AMA YPS, "gives voice to and advocates for issues that impact physicians under 40 years of age or within the first eight years of professional practice after their training as residents and fellows". The YPS meets at the same time of the AMA House Of Delegates (HOD) to advocate for issues within the HOD that impact early career physicians. You can view YPS's actions at the June meeting here.

The YPS Chair position is a prestigious one as YPS represents physicians from across the country. Dr. Lecuyer is extremely qualified for the position, as you can read here in his MSDC member profile. Briefly, Dr. Lecuyer: