MSDC Board Approves Proceeding With New Membership Model

Jun 29, 2021, 16:26 PM by MSDC Staff
The MSDC Board approved the beginning of a years-long process to modernize MSDC's membership structure.

MSDC membership will be undergoing a bit of a change in the next few years.

On Monday, the MSDC Board of Directors approved a plan from the Membership Task Force to create a tiered membership model. The plan will be implemented beginning with the 2023 dues year to allow for staff and a new Membership Committee to decide how to implement the plan.

The new model will include a base rate and a "premium" membership. That premium membership will allow members to have access to more benefits and experiences for a slightly higher fee. MSDC President Dr. EW Emanuel compared the tiers to an Amazon basic experience and an Amazon Prime experience. The new model will implemented slowly to allow current members to adjust, as well as allow the organization to prepare for the change.

As part of the change, the Board approved the creation of a Membership Committee. This new committee will help determine how to transition the current member model to the new one, including what benefits will be included in a premium tier. Information about the new committee and its composition will be announced at a later date.

In addition to the membership changes, the Board discussed the following at its meeting:

  • How to support both the Medical Society and Alliance Foundation (MSAF) and the new Healthy Physician Foundation
  • How to approach potential changes to the District's Health Occupations Revisions Act (HORA)

The next MSDC Board meeting will be Monday, September 20 at 6:30 PM at a location to be announced. MSDC members in good standing are welcome to participate and may request an invitation from Robert Hay at