MSDC Statement on Violent Protests in DC

Jan 10, 2021, 11:37 AM by MSDC Executive Committee
MSDC condemns violence and urges all who encourage it to step away from their public roles.


Statement from the MSDC Leadership

On January 6, the core of this nation was shaken by violent acts in our city. Once again, the District’s medical community stood ready throughout the day, to tend to the wounded, comfort the sick, and care for the dying. Unfortunately, all three situations confronted our community on Wednesday.

Last summer, MSDC issued a statement on the tragic death of George Floyd, stating in part: We also encourage everyone participating in a protest to protest peacefully to protect everyone's safety and to ensure that the real message is not overshadowed by acts of violence. Violence in the name of free speech carries consequences, and often the innocent and uninvolved pay the price. When terrorists, insurrectionists, and those intent on doing violence come into the District, the impact of their horrendous acts impact many. Healthcare workers, already putting forward heroic effort to combat the COVID epidemic, face additional trauma of fear for their lives, the safety of their loved ones, and the emotional trauma of unending emergency response.

Those not working to prevent or stop violent acts are complicit in this trauma. Everyone who calls healthcare workers heroes but then encourages violence in the District is a hypocrite who must remove themselves from the public stage immediately, for the safety and security our District and nation. This includes elected officials, regardless of their title. MSDC will never stop working to make the District a safe environment to practice medicine, as we have for 200+ years.