Phase 1a Eligible Medical Professionals May Now Book COVID Vaccine Appointment

Dec 29, 2020, 07:19 AM by MSDC Staff
Phase 1a eligible persons can sign up to receive the vaccine through

As shared on MSDC's COVID-19 vaccine website yesterday, DC Health announced that all Phase 1a persons are now eligible to sign-up for COVID vaccine appointments.

In a press release and emailed letter to licensed physicians, the District announced that eligible providers may register to receive their vaccine doses through The District government made clear that only Phase 1a eligible individuals could register for the vaccine. As a reminder, Phase 1a includes anyone in a healthcare setting that may come into contact with those infected with COVID. This includes physicians and paid AND unpaid staff. Those individuals who work in a healthcare setting but do not come into contact with infected patients (e.g., work in an office in a hospital but not in patient care areas) would be considered Phase 1b.

MSDC's vaccine website has a wealth of information that is updated frequently, including advice on how best to vaccinate your office and other ways of receiving your vaccine. Bookmark the site and refer to it frequently.