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This event has ended. 

Unconscious bias has far-reaching, unseen implications for healthcare in the United States and for the wellbeing of physicians and their patients. In 2020, MSDC's Task Force on Unconscious Bias conducted a study on this topic and the chair reported its findings in the webinar recording.

You can view the recording here: https://youtu.be/bsQNDkEqcX8

See a one-pager on unconscious bias and the task force's work.

Webinar Description
The webinar addresses the existence of unconscious bias and discrimination in medicine in the District, the impact of such bias and potential recommendations to address negative impact of bias.  


  • which populations in DC experienced the highest unconscious bias
  • the surprising healthcare trend that can perpetuate bias in medicine
  • how medical education influences bias- both positively and negatively