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Highlights from this year's annual meeting. 



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MSDC announed its election results and its new 2020-21 Board of Directors


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The 2020 Annual Meeting of the Medical Society of the District of Columbia took place online on Friday, October 30, 2020, once again drawing healthcare executives and physician leaders from across  the District's population of 10,000+ physician licensees. 

Celebrate the Dignity of Medicine. In a year that has put healing, the highest calling, to the test, the value of physician expertise and courage has never been more evident. This year, we celebrated the healthcare heroes who represent the dignity and power of medicine and highlight the need to protect their wellbeing as well.  The program featured:   

  • Guest Speaker Roger A. Mitchell, MD, with Q&A. Dr. Roger Mitchell, Interim Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice, addressed a well-known reality in the physician community: medicine goes beyond the exam room.   
  • AMA Message from Susan R. Bailey, MD. Dr. Bailey is the current AMA  President and will address national healthcare. She is an allergist in private practice in Ft. Worth, Texas.
  • President's Welcome and State of Medicine in the District. MSDC President J. Desiree Pineda, MD, FACP, recapped the physician community's leadership during the pandemic and on the topic of DC physician wellbeing. 
  • Installation of New Leadership and President's Inaugural Address. MSDC announced the 2020-2021 leadership slate and new President E.W. Emanuel, MD, MBA, of Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group. Dr. Emanuel discussed what the next year holds for DC physicians.  
           MSDC's Annual Meeting Hosts          MSDC's Annual Meeting Speakers

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  J. Desiree Pineda, MD, FACP
  MSDC President

 E.W. Emanuel, MD MBA
MSDC President-elect

 Susan R. Bailey, MD
 AMA President

 Roger A. Mitchell, MD
Interim Deputy Mayor, Public Safety & Justice

2020 Opening Speaker: Dr. Susan Bailey
BaileySusan-AMASusan R. Bailey, MD, an allergist/immunologist from Fort Worth, Texas, was elected president of the American Medical Association in June 2020. Previously, she served as president-elect of the AMA for one year, speaker of the AMA House of Delegates for four years and as vice speaker for four years.

Dr. Bailey, who has been active in the AMA since medical school when she served as chair of the AMA Medical Student Section, has held numerous leadership positions with the AMA. These include serving as chair of both the Advisory Panel on Women in Medicine and the AMA Council on Medical Education, as well as representing the AMA on the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, the American Board of Medical Specialties, and COLA. 
 (See Full Bio)

2020 Guest Speaker: Dr. Roger Mitchell

MITCHELL-RogerA-Headshot 05.2020Roger A. Mitchell Jr., MD, is a forensic pathologist who serves as the Chief Medical Examiner of the Nation’s Capital. He is one of only four black Chief Medical Examiners of a major city in the US. Dr. Mitchell is an expert in Violence as a Public Health Issue and has recently appeared on MSNBC Morning Joe and CBS Sunday Morning advocating for federal funding for firearm violence prevention research. He has been bringing attention to the issue of Firearm Violence in the African American Community for over a decade and serves as Chair of the Task Force on Gun Violence for the National Medical Association (NMA). He recently co-authored a position paper on The Violence Epidemic in the African American Community for the Journal of the National Medical Association, published in 2017. (See Full Bio)

Medicine Goes Beyond The Exam Room
Dr. Roger Mitchell, Interim Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice, addresses a well-known reality in the physician community: medicine goes beyond the exam room. In his new role and from his broad experience, he has great insight on the intersection of public safety and justice on healthcare, and the impact of other social determinants of health - as well as solutions that can positively impact the health of our Nation's Capital.

   - What are the primary social determinants of health impacting medicine in the District?
   - What problems and solutions have we seen from the physician community (and DC government)? 
  - How can  physicians make a difference in the District’s societal issues?   


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MSDC annually presents awards to those physicians who are making a difference in medicine, the District, and the Society. Last year, MSDC recognized four incredible individuals for their contributions. You can view a snapshot of those individuals and their work below.