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Hosted by the Women in Medicine Section

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What better way to celebrate women in medicine than with friends and hand-crafted chocolate?

Explore the world of Belgian chocolates with MSDC's Women in Medicine Section and female Belgian chocolatière Emma from Emma's Delights. You will sample twelve different chocolates, get tips on correctly storing chocolates, and learn how to truly savor every single bite as she guides you and other women in medicine with tasting notes and information.

You will also learn how glossy bonbons are crafted when we illustrate the traditional molding process with polycarbonate molds in the different stages of poured, filled, and closed chocolate shells. Be ready to be amazed when we release the finished chocolates from the closed mold! During the tasting, ask questions, share feedback with other women in medicine, and win prizes including a gift box of assorted Belgian chocolates. This event is open to all women physicians and their friends.

You can either participate from a location of your own choosing, or with other women in medicine at MSDC’s downtown office. The in-person option will include socializing with colleagues, light bights and refreshments. The chocolatière Emma will join virtually from California. The chocolates are hand-made and will be made with your dietary needs in mind. Please indicate nut free and vegan preferences. Your chocolate kit includes:

  • Five Belgian chocolates with a soft center
  • Five chocolate wafers: white, ruby, milk, semisweet dark, and bittersweet dark (70% cacao mass) chocolate
  • Two gourmet wafers: milk and bittersweet dark (mixed with pure ingredients, no filling)

(Chocolate tasting notes and a "How-to Taste" chocolate guide will be sent by email)