This event has concluded. 

The list of companies and entities mandating employees be vaccinated against COVID is increasing. The DC and Maryland hospital associations have announced their members will make vaccinations for healthcare workers mandatory (with religious and medical exemptions), but what about private practices?

Following our popular vaccine requirements webinar and hearing questions from our members, MSDC is convening a members-only virtual forum to discuss vaccine mandates in healthcare settings  and what role MSDC should play. The Society is asking its members to join us and come prepared to share your thoughts on:

  • Is the DC area medical community adopting mandates for their practices and staff?
  • Should healthcare facilities mandate the COVID vaccine for all staff?
  • Are physicians being vaccinated or is there widespread hesitancy in the community?
  • What role should MSDC play in promoting or even mandating vaccinations in healthcare facilities?

Your opinion is what we want - so bring it to this forum and be prepared to discuss these nuanced issues. After the forum, MSDC leadership will take into account the feedback in crafting its public messaging.