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We know that vaccine acceptance is far from universal. But is part of the issue how we approach these conversations? When asking patients, friends, and relatives to be vaccinated, we need to be aware that hesitancy is not 2 months old but 200 years old (or more!). 

Join MSDC as we host a conversation on how physicians can apply a cultural competency lens to discussing the COVID-19 vaccines. The presentation and Q&A will help you better understand the history of medicine, why persons of color are hesitant to trust the medical establishment, and how you can work with your patients to overcome these barriers.

Your presenter:

Melissa Clarke 150 x 150Dr. Melissa E. Clarke is a seasoned Emergency Medicine Physician and pioneering leader in population health for Fortune 500 companies, academia and hospitals. Passionate about empowering individuals to be their own best health advocates, she has been a leading voice in the COVID 19 pandemic regarding health equity for vulnerable populations. Dr Clarke is a graduate of Harvard University, the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, and residency at Georgetown and George Washington.