Dr. StartUp - Physician Entrepreneurship in Uncertain Times
Hosted by the Women in Medicine Section


Entrepreneurship and business-building is not a topic that physicians learn in medicalBeTheBoss-crop school, which can be to their own misfortune.  Doctors have strong insight into the needs of patients and are best qualified to solve the challenges of modern medicine and hurdles of healthcare delivery. Entrepreneurship is well-suited to physician problem-solvers and can be rewarding, starting with a simple side gig or an idea you discussed in the physicians lounge. Stepping out on one's own can be daunting (even more so in a pandemic) but done wisely it can help you achieve new satisfaction and success, plus independence and financial security to outlast periods of uncertainty. Learn what it takes to turn an idea into reality, launch a business, and make time and space to build new opportunity.  

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NAGORI-Saya-WhiteCoatDr. Saya Nagori is the Founding Physician for, a telemedicine company that has grown from a team of 3 people to now a team of over 50 and has had over 1 million users across the country. She teaches physicians and institutions how to develop successful digital health models, practically employ these into existing healthcare practices, and strategies for sustainability and success across various healthcare initiatives. Her most recent project is in women's health, working with a group of physician experts on evidence-based information. Physicians interested in being involved with can contact Dr. Nagori directly. Dr. Nagori also has her own private ophthalmology practice VisionMD in College Park, MD and is a fellowship trained glaucoma specialist. You may contact Dr. Nagori at