ROL Mistakes and Stressors to Avoid January 30, 2023

Written by MSDC Staff

It’s that time of year again. Not only do fourth-year medical students have to endure the stress of training, but they have to prepare their Match rank-order lists (ROL) before the March 1 deadline. Although it is a daunting process, the Medical Society reminds MS4s that unlike STEP, there are no “wrong answers” for your ROL. That said, there are some pitfalls to avoid and tips to manage Match jitters and uncertainty.

To best prepare your list, a recent AMA article said that there are some common avoidable missteps. Here are 4 Match mistakes to avoid

  • Do not let questions go unasked.
  • Do not leave interview sites off your rank list.
  • Do not overanalyze correspondence from programs.
  • Do not rank programs by anything other than preference.

Dr. Matthew Lecuyer, MSDC’s Early Career Physicians Section Chair, acknowledges the anxiety, stress and self-doubt. He says, “Everyone asks themselves, ‘How many programs do I apply to? Am I a competitive applicant?’”  Although students may feel pressure to apply for big-name programs, he stressed that all programs are held to the same high standards, and medical education is 90% standardized wherever you go.  Although residency is a big step in your training, it is helpful to remember that residency isn’t the final point of your career. The AMA offers additional tips to fight rank-list uncertainty.

Dr. Matthew Lecuyer and the entire Early Career Physicians Section leadership wish Washington, D.C. MS4s well wherever you end up.  Remember that the Medical Society supports you in your career and has resources to assist you.