KevinMD: Health care takes its toll. Look for the moments that remind you why you're in it August 2, 2022

Written by MSDC Staff

In a new article for, Karina Chavez, MD, shares her experience on finding during a busy day the "sprinkles" in life that allow for a positive outlook on the world around us. Dr. Hart writes:

These moments are one thing I have always held onto dearly during medical training, residency, and now in practice. These are what I now call “sprinkles.” They show up seemingly when we most need and least expect them.

This type of underappreciated and bidirectional healing in the patient-physician relationship is something we should discuss more with one another. In such unprecedented times, where isolation and mental health issues are at their peak due to the pandemic, it’s imperative to find these sprinkles no matter how subtle they can be.

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