National Academy of Medicine Releases New Wellbeing Resource Compendium January 11, 2022

Written by MSDC Staff

The National Academy of Medicine Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience has released a new collection of wellbeing resources on their website. The resources highlight "strategies and tools that healthcare leaders and workers can use across practice settings to take action toward decreasing burnout and improving clinician well-being."

The resources are organized into six elements:

  • Advance organizational commitment
  • Strengthen leadership behaviors
  • Conduct workplace assessment
  • Examine policies and practices
  • Enhance workplace efficiency
  • Cultivate a culture of connection and support

Each element has a dropdown menu on the NAM website that provides additional resources and guidance for the healthcare professional seeking more information. In addition, the site has a questionnaire that can guide a healthcare practitioner to the right resources based on practice setting.

See the entire site and guidance here.