Mayor Bowser Signs Ban on Flavored Tobacco Products July 22, 2021

Written by MSDC Staff

In a win for public health, Mayor Muriel Bowser on Wednesday signed legislation banning the sale of flavored tobacco products. The original bill had a position of "support" from MSDC and is the second bill on the legislative agenda signed into law.

B24-20, originally called the Flavored Electronic Smoking Device Prohibition Amendment Act, prohibits the sale or distribution of all flavored tobacco products in DC. The ban includes menthol cigarettes, and candy- and fruit-flavored e-cigarettes. The bill only criminalizes the sale and not the use of these products, to ensure residents are not harassed but instead the product companies can be prohibited from targeting residents. 

“Our residents have major health disparities, particularly in the last year we’ve seen with the COVID-19 outbreak but also with cardiovascular disease and diabetes,” said MSDC leader Dr. Anjali Malik in an interview with WTOP. “This is a huge win for the District’s residents.”

DC becomes the second state behind Massachusetts to ban menthol cigarettes. The Council voted 8-5 to pass the legislation.

MSDC's Board voted a position of "support" for this bill earlier this year. MSDC was concerned that flavored smoking devices are tools to increase nicotine addiction, and could increase smoking rates especially among young District residents. You can see all bills before the Council that MSDC is tracking here