Interested in Joining a Private Practice Physician Section? June 2, 2021

Written by MSDC Staff

MSDC members interested in creating a Private Practice Physician Section are invited to a planning meeting on Wednesday, June 16 at 7 PM. This meeting is a planning meeting to determine interest in creating the section and, if so, how the section will serve MSDC private practice physicians.

A section is a group of MSDC members that exists to support a specific segment of the membership. Unlike committees, members create sections and the MSDC Board approves their operating plan. MSDC currently has three sections: Women in Medicine, Bright Young Docs, and Practice Managers. 

For members to create a section, the following must be submitted to the MSDC Board of Directors:

  • A list of at least ten current members interested in forming the section
  • Goals of the section and projects to accomplish goals
  • Statement on why this section offers something unique to the MSDC membership

Some physicians have already come forward to start the planning process, so this meeting will be to confirm interest and plan activities for the upcoming year. The section is modeled after the AMA's Private Practice Physician section (seen here).

You can register for this meeting here. You can contact MSDC staff with any questions or ideas for the section.