MSDC Past President Julian Craig Testifies on New Ward 8 Hospital June 30, 2020

Written by MSDC Staff

Craig testifying on hospital

Today, MSDC past president and current Board member Julian Craig, MD, testified on behalf of the Society during a hearing for the contract for the new St. Elizabeth's hospital. 

Dr. Craig began by stating MSDC's support for the hospital and GW, as well as thanking Deputy Mayor Turnage, the Council, and the Mayor for their work in finalizing a hospital contract and partnering with UHS and GW to run the hospital.

However, he noted that a comprehensive healthcare system in Wards 7 and 8 must be more than the new hospital. "What will become of local physician practices?" Dr. Craig asked. "A comprehensive healthcare system requires not only a world class hospitals, but also independent physician practices." He noted that a system of hospital based, affiliated, and independent practices in the same area already exists in the District in and around Sibley Hospital.

Dr. Craig (and the Medical Society) made three recommendations to the Council on how to maintain a physician network in Wards 7 and 8 with the new hospital:

  • "For those physician practices that want to affiliate with or support the hospital - we ask that UHS and the District ensure space is available to them in the new Medical Office Buildings, and have a preferential rental agreement for these affiliated practices."
  • "UHS should offer preferential hiring to local physicians who are interested in working for UHS and GW.."
  • "The District should support physicians to be able to create and maintain viable independent practices in Ward 7 and 8. Last month MSDC shared just how the District can do this – tax relief for building or purchasing office space, grants or loan programs for local practices, increased Medicaid reimbursement, and student loan forgiveness programs to ensure graduating physicians can establish or takeover practices that already exist in the District."
The hearing was a joint hearing between the Committee on Health and Committee on Business and Economic Development. The hearing also allowed testimony on the new Howard University Hospital campus, which MSDC also supports.


See MSDC's written statement here.