COVID-19 Task Force Says DC Should Permit Frequent Physician Testing May 22, 2020

Written by MSDC Staff

The MSDC COVID-19 Task Force held its fourth meeting on Thursday and issued a strong recommendation that the District facilitate the ability for physicians to be tested frequently for COVID-19, even when asymptomatic. 

The recommendation came from a discussion on the economic consequences of the public health emergency on physician practices. Task force members shared concerns that the economic losses due to COVID-19 endanger many physician offices. Even when physician offices reopen, the lack of PPE available may expose physicians and staff to infections. An asymptomatic physician can be an extremely effective spreader of COVID-19, so repeated testing is critical.

Other issues and recommendations from the meeting include:

  • Concerns about people held in prison pre-trial being unnecessarily exposed to potential infection
  • Discussions about the gaps of using temperature checks to determine infection
  • Deciding that DNR orders and advanced directives are a changing conversation during COVID-19 and requires further discussion
  • Continued work on bringing forward the over representation of African-Americans and Latinos in COVID-19 infection and death statistics, and how to address these issues

The next meeting of the COVID-19 Task Force is June 4 at 5:00 PM. Anyone interested in participating can contact Robert Hay Jr. ( for an invitation.