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MSDC has long advocated for women's health protections, the rights of women physicians, and affordable care for women's issues. MSDC works closes with ACOG, AAFP, AAP, and other specialty organizations to craft local legislation that allows DC to be the best place to practice women's and maternal medicine.

In the face of a maternal mortality crisis in the District, engagement in these issues is more important than ever. Learn more about how MSDC is working to protect the health of women, mothers, and babies in all wards in the city.

MSDC Statements and Testimony on Women's Health Issues

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MSDC Raises Scope Creep and More with DC Board of Medicine

Apr 24, 2024, 16:13 PM by MSDC staff
MSDC staff visited the Board's meeting to discuss further collaboration and share opinions on important health issues.


MSDC attended the DC Board of Medicine’s in-person open session meeting today. The meeting took place at DC Health’s new headquarters, located in Ward 8 at 2201 Shannon Pl SE, Washington, DC 20020.  The meeting addressed government relations, licensure, and other physician matters. According to the current licensure census, there are currently over 13,000 physicians (MD and DO) licensed in the District of Columbia.

Topics of physician interest

  • The DC scope expansion bill, or HORA, the Health Occupations Revision Act, will have its second and final vote on May 7. MSDC reiterated its strong concerns about the current iteration of the bill, which you can read about here. MSDC highlighted patient safety concerns and will continue to vigorously voice patient and physician concerns with the Board of Medicine and other stakeholders. Physicians are invited to join MSDC’s sign-on letter and to participate in MSDC’s ongoing advocacy.
  • The Department of Health had its budget oversight hearings on April 11. Among the programs that will move forward is funding for professional loan repayment. 
  • The DC Council is considering a bill, the Firearm Injury Prevention Amendment Act, which includes a continuing education requirement for physicians and other medical professionals. MSDC is strongly opposed to all content-specific CME mandates and opposes this bill.
  • Physicians are reminded that this is a license renewal year, and all DC physician licenses expire December 31, 2024.  The Board of Medicine has not yet finalized the public health priority topics for this cycle. MSDC will keep members updated on CME and other requirements and will stand ready to provide individual assistance.  
  • MSDC discussed the Gender Equity Task Force’s compensation survey to evaluate gender pay equity among physicians in Washington, D.C. MSDC’s survey will be released in May and all physicians are encouraged to participate given the importance of diversity and equity in ensuring a sustainable workforce. Please be on the lookout so that MSDC can have a representative sample.
  • The Board of Medicine has multiple vacancies for physician members. Interested members should note that the residency requirement for serving on the Board of Medicine has been modified. MSDC encourages any members who are interested to contact Robert Hay at hay@msdc.org.


Sample of Legislation MSDC Followed in Women's Health and Maternal Health

(See the whole list of bills here)

Postpartum Coverage Act of 2019 (B23-326)

What does the bill do? Extends postpartum inpatient and outpatient benefits to at least one year after childbirth

MSDC position: We support this legislation and the extension of insurance benefits to mothers and babies to help maternal health in the District

Current status: SUCCESS. The bill passed the Council and was signed into law by the Mayor on August 14, 2020.

Strengthening Reproductive Health Protections Act (B23-434)

What does the bill do? The bill prohibits the District government from interfering with patients' reproductive health decisions and prohibits employers from punishing physicians who perform abortions or sterilizations outside of their employment.

MSDC position: We support this legislation as it allows physicians freedom of practice.

Current status: SUCCESS. The bill passed the Committee on Government Operations in January. MSDC submitted testimony at the December hearing, and MSDC member Sara Imershein testified at the hearing. The Council passed the bill and the Mayor signed it into law on March 23, 2020.

Maternal Health Care Improvement and Expansion Act (B23-362)

What does the bill do? The bill extends coverage for maternal health issues and fertility preservation, creates a Maternal Health Center in the District, and mandates two hours of cultural competence CME for health care providers.

MSDC position: We oppose the bill without changes due to inclusion of mandatory CME and some of the definitions in the bill being medically questionable.

Current status: The bill had a hearing in the Committee on Health in December, with MSDC member Dr. Sara Imershein testifying for MSDC and ACOG.