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The Medical Society represents the physicians and patients of the District of Columbia in discussions with the Council of DC, the DC Departments of Health and Behavioral Health, the DC Boards of Medicine and Pharmacy, plus other members of the medical community.

The District has a different process for passing laws than the federal government. See "How a (DC) Bill Becomes a Law" for an overview of DC's policy-making process.

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September 20 is MSDC Day of Action on Prior Auth and Copay Accumulators

Sep 7, 2022, 16:45 PM by MSDC staff
Learn how you can make a difference in reforming prior auth in DC

It's time for the DC Council to hear the physician community speak at once on the biggest prescription issues impacting our patients.

MSDC and our partners are launching a day of action on two critical bills that if passed could radically change medicine in DC for the better. Both bills are top priority for the Society and our members, and bills that are widely supported by physicians.

We are asking you, your practice managers, your staff, and patients to contact the DC Council on September 20 and push the Council to pass this year two bills:

  • B24-655, the Prior Authorization Reform Act. This bill would improve the prior authorization process by setting limits on who, when, and how payers can slap prior auths on our medical decisions. This bill has not had a hearing and needs to have a hearing to pass committee.
  • B24-557, the Copay Accumulators Amendment Act. This bill prevents insurers from penalizing patients from using coupons and discounts for specialty drugs. This bill had a hearing - with testimony overwhelmingly in favor - but needs a mark-up to go to the full Council.

How can you participate in the Day of Action? It's easy, not time consuming, and fits into your busy schedule. And MSDC will help:

  1. Look up who are the Councilmembers for your home (if you're a DC resident) and/or practice. You can find your Ward here. Remember your location is represented by your Ward Councilmember, at-large Councilmembers, and the Council Chair.
  2. Email your Councilmembers and their staff asking them to support either or both bills (if they are not already a supporter) and support them being added to the Council agenda this year after markup in the Health Committee.
  3. You can also call your Councilmembers with the same ask. Call the office number and ask to speak to the Councilmember or staff person for the issue.
  4. If you have time, visit your members' offices. Be aware there are visitor restrictions at the Wilson Building.
  5. Let MSDC know who you contact by emailing

Prior Authorization Talking Points 9.20.22

Prior authorization website

Copay accumulator bill talking points