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Knowing how difficult it can be to find useful wellness information quickly, MSDC has launched the newest wellness tool for DC area physicians - the Healthy Physician app. The app is available now in the App Store for Apple devices AND Google Play Store for Android devices.

The Healthy Physician app brings wellness, moral injury, and community resources for physicians directly to them. The app is health system agnostic so physicians do not need to worry that their interactions and data are being tracked by their employer. Instead, the content and resources are moderated by their community for them. The app was designed in partnership with Results Direct and through a grant from the Institute for Technology in Health Care.

Download the Apple app via the QR code below.

Download the Android version via the QR code below

The app has features that allow physicians to connect with resources and each other when needed. Users can:

  • Engage more meaningfully during wellness events (both in person and virtual)
  • Watch wellness videos from MSDC and other sources
  • Read wellness articles from MSDC and other sources
  • Receive a brief wellness thought daily via push notification
  • Connect with other physicians who you met or spoke with at an event (both in person and virtually)
  • Arrange an appointment with a wellness professional through MSDC (Active members receive two free consultations)
  • Connect with the Physician Health Program in case of addiction or behavioral health concerns.

You can view our guide to the app here. Download today and start putting your own wellbeing in the palm of your hand!