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How to Choose Your Physician Wellbeing Professional

  1. Visit the MSDC member site, register/log-in, and click "physician wellbeing consult" (or cut and paste this URL into your browser The cost for non-members is $350. There is no cost for MSDC active members (note: if you are a member and are being directed to pay, you may not be logged on. See the sidebar for how to log in to your account.).
  2. Once you complete the process, a confirmation code will be emailed to you. Do not share this code except with your selected professional.
  3. Click on each name below or click on the arrow next to their name. Read their descriptions and explore their websites.
  4. Select a professional that fits your needs and use the form below to contact them.
  5. Once you have a consultation call with your physician wellbeing professional and if you decide they are a good fit, arrange your appointments. Share with the professional your code for your two complimentary appointments.

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Peer Coaches


  Richard M. Allman, MD

Practice Name: Allman Coaching LLC

Website: My profile

Specialty or Focus: Life and leadership coaching for physicians

Describe your practice in 200 words or less: I specialize in life and leadership coaching for physicians who are seeking clarity about personal or professional goals and how best to achieve them. I enable my clients to gain new insights on how to approach problems strategically, guided by their personal goals and values. Coaching topics are defined by my clients and commonly include defining one’s personal mission, developing strategic plans, dealing with change or challenging interpersonal relationships, pursuing professional development or personal growth. 

I am a board-certified geriatrician with 30 years of experience in leading patient care, education, professional development, research, and quality improvement programs.  I have worked as a faculty member within a large academic medical center and at state, regional and national levels for not-for-profit organizations and within the Department of Veterans Affairs.  I understand the challenges that physicians and other health care leaders face.

I established my practice as a life and leadership coach after obtaining accredited coach training.  I am eager to support physicians and other leaders in achieving their personal and professional goals in the context of ever-changing and challenging health care systems. 

How to make an appointment: Email me at for more information

Meet me via my introductory video

 Jacqueline Huntly, MD

Practice Name: Athasmed, LLC (Thrive to Lead MD)


Specialty or Focus: Burnout prevention / Career Transformation / Self-Leadership Mastery

Describe your practice in 200 words or less: The core objectives of my coaching practice are to help physicians fully develop their career (clinical and non-clinical) potential, and achieve this in ways that promote joy, resilience, engagement and fulfillment. Burnout, career stagnation/dissatisfaction, and leadership skills development are the particular issues that I work with.

How to make an appointment: Schedule your consultation here

Meet me via an introductory video

 Cathy Lanteri, MD 

Practice Name: Lanteri Coaching


Specialty or Focus: Leadership development; conflict resolution; communications; work-life balance

Describe your practice in 200 words or less: In my coaching practice, physicians gain skills and confidence in navigating daily challenges, resolving conflict on an individual and organizational level, expanding leadership effectiveness, managing stress and refining work-life balance. My work draws from my medical expertise in individual and group dynamics, neuroscience and a background in organizational leadership and communications. My coaching incorporates  many cultural perspectives gained from living in many US regions as well as Europe and Hawaii.

How to make an appointment: Email, call 781-460-1744 or visit this website

Meet me via an introductory video

 Cheri Shumate ACC, PDC

Practice Name: Impact Business Coaching

Website: Impact Business Coaching

Specialty or Focus: Executive/leadership coaching

Describe your practice in 200 words or less: I excel at helping physicians learn to calm themselves and pivot from unproductive habits and negative thinking to alternative thoughts and positive behaviors.  I have a lot of experience helping physicians develop self-awareness, helping them see situations through a different lens, consider the validity of different perspectives, and communicate more effectively with others. Then we work on applying these new skills and behaviors to create productive interactions with hospital administration, colleagues, patients, nurses, etc.  Many physicians that I worked with were required to engage in coaching; so, they entered into the engagement feeling punished and angry.  In these situations, I have been successful at quickly gaining their trust, so they felt comfortable engaging in the coaching process which led to their motivation and energy to work on goals.  I can flex my style to work with many people.  I relate to people with analytical mindsets and can help them see things from a people-focused perspective.  I have the training and experience to help physicians gain control over their draining emotions and build personal resilience.  All with techniques they can use any time to be calm while being fully alert.

How to make an appointment: Email me or call 1-844-SAY-TGIM

Meet me via an introductory video


Licensed Psychologist


  Diane Reis, PsyD

Practice Name: Diane Reis, Psy.D, LLC


Specialty or Focus: Life counselling 

Describe your practice in 200 words or less: In my clinical practice, I enjoy working with professional adults of all ages and backgrounds who want to deal with problems they encounter either in the workplace, or with issues in their relationships, or with concerns about family members.  I offer a safe and confidential environment in which to talk comfortably about what is causing distress and I work collaboratively to improve a client's well-being.  I work with clients in individual therapy, or couples counseling, or family therapy with adults, on a range of issues, including stress/anxiety, work conflicts, adjustment/phase of life issues, depression, trauma, grief/loss, marriage/divorce, self-esteem, parenting, and reproductive issues.  If you are experiencing emotional discomfort, feel stuck but want to move forward, or are seeking to make important changes in life that will help toward achieving your goals, I would be happy to speak with you.  In addition to my clinical practice, I also am an assistant professor of clinical psychology at George Washington University, where I supervise psychology graduate students. I have two metro-accessible offices convenient to downtown, Capitol Hill, Van Ness, Dupont Circle, Tenleytown and Bethesda/Chevy Chase.  Currently I am seeing clients via teletherapy on a HIPAA-compliant platform called Theralink.   

How to make an appointment: Contact Dr. Reis by sending an email to or call 202-577-8183.  Calls and emails will be returned within 24 hours or the next business day.   

Meet me via an introductory video

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