MSDC Gender Equity Task Force Launches DC Physician Compensation Survey June 10, 2024

Written by MSDC Staff

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MSDC’s physician-led Gender Equity Task Force has launched a comprehensive, widespread study of physician compensation as it relates to gender pay parity in the District of Columbia.

Gender pay disparity and its negative impacts are well-documented on a national level, but reliable data on the District of Columbia is lacking. The confidential survey, which can be found here, is open to all physicians in the metropolitan Washington area.

“This survey is a much-needed and comprehensive survey of physician compensation in the District and will assist in gaining a better understanding of gender-based pay equity, or lack thereof, in the District,” said Dr. Monika Masanam, Co-chair of the Gender Equity Task Force. “The lack of reliable data for such a diverse physician community as we have in the District of Columbia is unfortunate. Inequity in all its forms is unsustainable and destructive to the physician workforce and healthcare as a whole. With this important, timely study, MSDC reinforces its commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.” 

The survey was carefully developed by the Task Force to ensure confidentiality given the nature of the sensitive information being gathered. The survey is open to physicians of all gender identities. The survey will evaluate specialty, tenure, and practice type. It also considers compensation in its entirety including not just base salary, but compensation structure, benefits package, workload, supplemental income, and more. 

Since its inception in 2022, MSDC’s Gender Equity Task Force has studied the national gender pay gap and found clear national and regional trends:

In addition to launching the survey, this year the GE Task Force also initiated a mentorship program and held a program on contract negotiations, with plans to do more. As women comprise a growing share of the physician workforce, the Task Force’s work greatly impacts the DC physician workforce and healthcare landscape. Learn more about this important work and how you can participate.