MSDC Launches Compensation Survey for DC Physicians June 6, 2024

Written by MSDC Staff

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MSDC's Gender Equity Task Force has launched a city-wide physician compensation survey to evaluate pay parity in the District of Columbia. Although gender pay disparity and its negative impacts are well-documented on a national level,  reliable data on the District of Columbia is lacking. To evaluate pay parity in medicine in our nation’s capital, a physician-led task force designed a confidential physician compensation survey, which can be found at

All physicians regardless of gender identity are encouraged to complete the survey and to then share it widely with colleagues to ensure a representative and thorough survey.

This survey comes after yet another national study found a gender pay divide in medicine. The study by Doximity found that women physicians nationwide earned nearly $102,000 less than men physicians, even after accounting for specialty, location, and experience. The gap had narrowed by 2% in the past year according to the study, but multiple studies show that the gender wage gap in medicine is stubborn.

The lack of DC-specific data makes the Gender Equity Task Force’s comprehensive MSDC survey a timely, unique, and important undertaking. Widespread participation in this survey is necessary to understand the nature and scope of gender pay disparity in the District. Therefore, the Task Force encourages all physicians to complete this critical and confidential survey, located here or via the QR code below, and then pass the survey on to colleagues. Additional information about the MSDC Gender-Equity Task Force can be found at

Scan for survey:

Gender Equity Survey QR Code