Tech savvy and future focused? MSDC is looking for you May 22, 2024

Written by MSDC Staff

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MSDC is pulling together a working group under the Wellbeing Think Tank to assist with a grant application.

The Society is submitting an application this fall for a grant focused on how technology can drive better healthcare outcomes. The application will include a proposal for new tech that will exist and be available to the larger healthcare workforce for multiple years. Participants in this working group will be able to continue working on the project after/if the grant is accepted; current personal or professional projects could be eligible for consideration for funding through the grant.

Virtual meetings will be held throughout the summer and fall at times convenient to participants. MSDC membership is required to formally participate, but non-MSDC members can serve as guest presenters.

For more information, contact Robert Hay at 2O2-466-18OO or