Three ways to decrease paperwork and burnout March 14, 2023

Written by MSDC Staff

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 Documentation and charting are a part of the practice of modern medicine, and they consume an increasing amount of a doctor’s day.  Studies show that doctors spend 2 hours on “paperwork” for every single hour spent with a patient. The EMR burden adds to physician workload and professional burnout, as doctors know all too well. 

Although documentation is a necessary evil, there are ways to chart smarter and reduce the time spent.  There are three common behaviors, according to a physician coach writing in KevinMD, that increase the time spent on charting.  They are:

  1. Expecting perfection
  2. Being overly self-critical
  3. Going too big

These behavioral traits can triple the amount of time spent charting. With greater self-awareness and shifts in behavior, you can chart better, spend less time on paperwork, and spend more time living.   Read more in "3 mistakes physicians make that triple charting time." 

Another way to chart smarter is with tips and practices shared in the Private Practice Simple Solutions series, open to members regardless of practice type.  Sign up today and get useful insights plus a documentation/coding toolkit from the American Medical Association.