MSDC Board Approves Gender Equity Compensation Survey, Policy February 28, 2023

Written by MSDC staff

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One year after creating a task force to explore the issue, the MSDC Board of Directors approved a plan to further study gender inequality in physician compensation as well as endorse a series of actions to promote gender equality in DC medicine.

Impact: The Board has focused MSDC work over the next year on educating physicians and health systems on ensuring there is equality in compensation and treatment for all physicians. 

Background: The task force's report was one agenda item discussed at the Board of Director's first meeting of 2023. Last year, it created a Gender Equity Task Force with the mission to study what data was known about gender inequality in medicine in DC, and how to address it.

The task force found data from national studies but none specifically for the District.

They recommended the following actions, all of which were adopted:

  • Extend the task force for another year to complete its work
  • Endorse the AMA's policy on Gender Disparities in Physician Income and Advancement
  • Endorse legislation in DC promoting gender equality in medicine
  • Create a plan to ensure equitable representation in the Society's volunteer leadership
  • Develop gender equity training and add to MSDC website
  • Conduct a compensation survey with partners to explore inequality in physician compensation.

What else? Last night the Board also approved hiring Global Navigators to conduct its strategic planning sessions. The Board also approved an updated Investment Policy Statement and heard an update from the Membership Committee on its proposed tiered membership.