Advanced Directives



CRISP DC is excited to offer a cloud-based advance care planning (ACP) solution to all District providers at no cost. Leveraging the interoperability of the CRISP DC HIE and A|D Vault’s industry leading MyDirectives for Clinicians, advance care planning has never been this easy or effective.

Through an initiative led by the DC Department of Health Care Finance and DC Health, CRISP DC collaborated with A|D Vault to embed its advance care planning platform, called MyDirectives for Clinicians, in the HIE.

MyDirectives for Clinicians integrated in the CRISP DC HIE

This user-friendly platform allows health care providers to create, upload, and view new digital advance care planning forms whenever and wherever they are needed across all patient care teams with access to the DC HIE. The following advance care planning forms are available through the platform:

National POLST
Psychiatric Advance Directive
Universal Advance Digital Directive (uADD)

Benefits of Accessing MyDirectives for Clinicians

  • Scan and upload existing advance care planning documents.
  • Display forms in the DC HIE anytime and anywhere across the continuum of care.
  • Ensure other care teams, such as ambulatory providers and DC Fire and EMS responders, can access this information to honor the patient’s care decisions.

Search and View Advance Directives in the CRISP Care Coordination tab

Any CRISP DC HIE user will be able to search and view their patient’s most current decisions on future, urgent, and end-of-life care planning goals and objectives.

How do I get credentialed to access MyDirectives for Clinicians in CRISP?

Email the CRISP DC team at for more information and to begin the MyDirectives for Clinicians onboarding process.

Learn more

CRISP DC will host the following webinars for the purpose of providing demonstrations of the MyDirectives for Clinicians application in the HIE, along with Q & A sessions. Please register at for the session that works best for you.

  • Wednesday, March 8: 8 am, 12 pm, 5 pm
  • Friday, March 10: 8 am, 12 pm
  • Wednesday, April 5: 8 am, 12 pm, 5 pm
  • Friday, April 7: 8 am, 12 pm

If your team is unable to attend, recordings and additional information are available at To get involved or schedule an individual informational session, please contact the CRISP DC Outreach team at