MSDC Partners With Capsule to Address Pharmacy Deserts and Ease Practice Burdens June 9, 2022

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MSDC Partners With Capsule to Address Pharmacy Deserts and Ease Practice Burdens    

Washington, D.C., June 9, 2022 – The Medical Society of the District of Columbia (MSDC), the largest medical organization in the District representing metropolitan Washington physicians, is pleased to announce a partnership with Capsule Pharmacy. The partnership is focused on removing barriers to medication access, improving health outcomes, and streamlining pharmacy workflows for providers. Together, MSDC and Capsule are reinventing the relationship between pharmacy, physician, and patient through a seamless, same-day prescription delivery service. MSDC President Dr. Kirstiaan Nevin said “MSDC is proud to partner with an innovative company like Capsule. Convenient, reliable prescription service for patients across all eight wards and surrounding jurisdictions is important to complying with a treatment plan and promoting good health for today’s busy lifestyle.” 

Washington, D.C. has been significantly impacted by the nationwide closure of large chain pharmacy locations. In addition to recent pharmacy closures, certain areas of D.C. are known as pharmacy deserts, or communities where access to a pharmacy is greater than one mile or more. Pharmacy deserts disproportionately impact low-income, minority communities where transportation and cost can be massive barriers to obtaining prescription medications. For patients with chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, or HIV, access to life saving medications can be a constant struggle. Capsule offers free courier delivery of both prescription and over-the-counter medication to all eight DC Wards, as well as Northern Virginia, and Maryland. Patients pay the same copay as they would at a conventional pharmacy. Capsule accepts all commercial insurance, Medicare, and Managed Medicaid. To lower medication costs, Capsule keeps a database and automatically applies manufacturers coupons that can lower patients’ out-of-pocket fees significantly; sometimes to $0.  

Pharmacists are often not considered to be part of a patient’s healthcare journey, yet they can answer many medication-related questions that patients typically direct to their already overburdened doctor. One of the most important benefits of Capsule is their ability to communicate with patients and providers via text, phone, email, or through an app. Suzzette Wright, Capsule DC’s Pharmacist in Charge says, “Communication is a vital differentiator for Capsule. Our ability to address the needs of the provider and patient in an efficient manner is a key reason our patients can access their prescriptions and why providers trust us.”  

MSDC and Capsule are partnering to ensure more of the District’s patients and providers have increased medication access and access to a better, kinder, and simpler pharmacy.  

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